Man detained following police pursuit

© DC Thomson

A man has been detained following a police chase from Dundee into Perthshire.

The vehicle was followed from Dundee to Longforgan, with locals reporting that up to 11 police cars were involved in the pursuit.

It was reported that the pursued vehicle had being doing speeds of up to 100mph and had crashed on the outskirts of the village.

One local resident said he had heard a number of sirens travelling up the A90 at around lunchtime on Sunday.

He said: “I heard there was a car being chased along the Kingswell Road – there was certainly a lot of police in the area.”

Another man added: “People have been saying there was a chase from Dundee and the car crashed at Janet Forbes Avenue.

“There was at least four police cars speeding along the A90 and going through the village.”

The chase cause a stir on social media, with one poster writing: “Mental car chase along South Road right now. Like summin oot the films. Four polis cars chasing a car that’s been panned in doing about 100mph.”

Another poster replied: “Came through Longforgan (still being chased) and now crashed in the village. Assume it’s the same one, total idiot.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “There was a one-vehicle pursuit and the male was apprehended.

“There was no injury to anyone.”

She confirmed that the pursuit had begun in Dundee but was unable to confirm where or at what time.