Alyth man in court charged with threatening to blow his house up and throwing axe at a police officer

© DC Thomson
Perth Sheriff Court.

A man has appeared in court accused of barricading himself in his home, threatening to blow it up and throwing an axe at a police officer.

Kenneth Douglas, 35, of High Street, Alyth, appeared in private at Perth Sheriff Court where he also faced charges of threatening to stab and kill police officers and of smearing himself in blood.

He faced a charge that on Wednesday, at his home address in High Street, Alyth, he threw various items and objects about, and threw items at parked cars, brandished an axe, shouted, swore and uttered threats of violence to people.

Douglas also faced a charge that on the same date and location he smashed a car window and had an offensive weapon, namely an axe, in his possession, and assaulted a police officer by throwing an axe at him.

He also faced a charge that on the same date at his home address, he repeatedly shouted and swore, uttered threats of violence towards the police, refused to desist, armed himself with two knives and threatened to stab and kill police officers, smashed windows in the house causing glass shards to fall to the ground below.

The same charge also alleges that Douglas repeatedly punched windows and smeared himself in blood, refused to leave the property, repeatedly threatened to stab anyone within the area, barricaded himself in the house and threatened to set fire to the house using the domestic gas supply and threatened to blow up the building.

In addition, he faced a separate charge that he resisted two police officers in the execution of their duty by barricading himself at his home and caused police to force entry into the property.

Douglas made no plea or declaration and was remanded in custody.