Lucky escape for lorry driver after Perth railway bridge crash

© DC Thomson
The damaged lorry near Perth rail station.

A lorry driver had a lucky escape when his vehicle was left mangled after striking a railway bridge in Perth.

The collision happened at around 5am on Thursday at King’s Place, near Perth railway station, and led to some disruption for motorists.

The road at King’s Place – where it meets St Leonard’s Bank – was closed for more than five hours, with diversions put in place.

A bystander said he felt the lorry driver was a “lucky man” to escape the accident without serious injury, although he was taken to hospital.

“The whole of the lorry’s cab and flatbed were completely mangled,” he said.

“The only bit which seems to have escaped damage was a small area near the driver’s seat, so he’s a very lucky person.”

He continued: “The lorry cab was a mangled wreck and flatbed trailer was twisted. The lorry cab appears to have tipped over.”

Another man added: “I used to live at St Leonard’s Bank and you saw this happen all the time. It looks like the lorry driver has tipped the cab but hopefully he’s not too badly hurt.

“I was just wondering how badly affected the trains will be. My wife is heading to Glasgow to get her first ever passport.”

However, a spokesperson for ScotRail said there had been “no impact” on rail services as a result of the incident.

A spokesperson from Police Scotland said: “There was a one-vehicle road accident at Kings Place, Perth, around 5am, where a lorry struck the rail bridge. There were no serious injuries and there was no apparently obvious structural damage to the bridge.

“The road was closed to allow recovery of the vehicle and investigations into the accident.”

He confirmed the lorry driver had been taken to Perth Royal Infirmary following the accident but stressed he was not seriously injured.

The lorry belongs to bulk haulage firm Stevenson Brothers (Avonbridge), who are based near Falkirk. The Courier contacted the company for a comment regarding the incident but they did not wish to provide one.