Gridlock in Perth due to broken down lorry

© DC ThomsonThe broken down lorry in Perth's Dundee Road.
The broken down lorry in Perth's Dundee Road.

Traffic has ground to virtual standstill on one of Perth’s main arterial routes due to a broken down lorry.

A livestock haulier vehicle has broken down in the outside lane of Dundee Road, beside the Isle of Skye Hotel, resulting in gridlocked traffic and a long queue of vehicles snaking back almost all the way to the slip road leading off the A90 Perth to Dundee road.

The incident happened around 7.25am.

A van driver, who was on his way into Perth, said: “Traffic is very busy at the moment. Usually it is ‘stop-start’ here but today there have been long delays.”

And another motorist commented: “I had to take a detour via the slip road off the Friarton Bridge up to the Broxden roundabout as the traffic was that bad. It’s horrendous.”

More to follow.