Perth bar vows to name new beer after trolls angry at Boris Johnson milkshake stunt

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A Perth business is turning the tables on internet trolls by vowing to name their new beer after one of them.

The Venue has attracted scores of online bullies to their social media pages after owner Frank Burger-Seed ran a free milkshake promotion on the same day that Number 10 hopefuls Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt arrived in the city.

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The promotion raised hundreds of pounds for local charity Churches Action For The Homeless, as well as the YMCA.

Despite saying the milkshakes must be consumed on the premises, the business was accused of inciting protesters to throw the beverages at the politicians.

Dozens of fake one-star reviews and angry private messages have since been sent to the company’s Facebook page, with staff responding with humorous replies.

One user, who later apologised, wrote: “So you think its funny to hold a banner up saying milkshake boris. You thick deluded scottish *****.

“Police should be called an act of inciting violence.”

The Venue owner Frank Burger-Seed (left) alongside staff member Scott Matthews (right) with the giant banner outside The Venue

In response, The Venue posted online: “We have had such a busy weekend due to which we never got a chance to respond to all our lovely fake one star reviews so will be doing it over the next few days, keeping the best ones until last.

“Our plan is to dedicate our new beer, which is coming soon, to the author of our angriest reviews by naming it after him.”

They also suggested they may make the promotion an annual event, with a milkshake festival dedicated to “all things dairy”.

The original promotion came after a series of incidents in which political figures, including Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson and UKIP election candidate Carl Benjamin, had milkshakes thrown at them by protesters.

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