VIDEO: Hilarious footage shows dog spinning and another having loo break at Scottish Game Fair scurry

Hilarious footage of gundogs going rogue has been posted online.

The footage was filmed at last weekend’s Scottish Game Fair at Scone Park and shows some of the contenders in the event’s popular scurry.

A dog plays scurry at the Scottish Game Fair in Perth.

A scurry sees the dogs sent out to retrieve two dummies – one thrown in front of a small fence and the other behind. The dummies should then be returned to the hand of the handler, with the dog completing both retrieves in the fastest time winning the scurry.

The event is popular with dog owners attending the Game Fair and even sees many non-gundog breeds having a go.

The videos, recorded on the second day of the three-day event, sees one young dog becoming over-excited and spin rapidly in circles rather than give up its prize.

A second dog stops for a pee break before successfully retrieving both dummies.