Ten drivers found under influence on Tayside roads in matter of weeks

© PAA police breathalyser.
A police breathalyser.

Ten drivers were found behind the wheel under the influence of drink or drugs during a summer campaign by Tayside Police.

The force concluded its latest summer drink driving campaign over the weekend as it aims to warn people of the dangers to themselves and others.

Since the campaign kickstarted on June 24, the Tayside division has ramped up early morning road patrols in a bid to catch those who put lives at risk during the summer holiday period.

As part of the clampdown, 10 drivers were caught over the limit.

Tayside road policing unit’s Inspector Greg Burns said: “We have been very clear that driving under the influence of drink or drugs will never be tolerated by police or by the wider community.

“Being intoxicated by alcohol or an illegal drug significantly reduces your ability to drive safely.

“It is a selfish act which puts the safety of entirely innocent road users in danger. You are also putting your own life at risk, and when you are caught you will face prosecution which will have life-changing consequences, with the possibility of losing your licence, vehicle and livelihood, while gaining a criminal record.”

Scotland’s drink driving limit was reduced from 80mg of alcohol to 50mg in every 100 millilitres of blood during December 2014.