EXCLUSIVE: Sturgeon tells staff to be ready for indyref2

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Nicola Sturgeon has put the civil service on notice for a second Scottish independence referendum.

Scottish civil servants have been warned the SNP could demand a second independence referendum within weeks.

Sources close to the top of the non-political arm of the Scottish Government say they have received notice Nicola Sturgeon is considering pushing for the Section 30 order required to make any constitutional vote legal, sooner rather than later.

The SNP administration last night confirmed the option of another plebiscite was “very much on the table,” although it is understood no explicit work has been handed out to staff.

Conservative constitution spokesman Adam Tomkins said: “The people of Scotland don’t want another independence referendum. It really is as simple as that.

“The decision was made decisively in 2014 and doesn’t need to be revisited.
“Nicola Sturgeon should be true to her own word and acknowledge that the polls don’t support a separation re-run.”

The latest twist comes after The Courier revealed Downing Street is preparing for Ms Sturgeon to request a second referendum is held in August 2018.

Theresa May’s team is “war gaming” as speculation intensifies that the SNP leader will announce her intention to return to the polls at her party’s conference next month.

Ms Sturgeon has said another referendum is increasingly likely in the wake of the Brexit vote, but she would need UK Government permission for a second legally-binding vote.

EXCLUSIVE: UK Government preparing for Nicola Sturgeon to demand indyref2 in August 2018

It is understood Ms Sturgeon first spoke to civil servants in the aftermath of Theresa May’s Lancaster House speech, where she made clear the UK would not be a member of the single market post Brexit, with one senior figure saying they received the news ahead of the First Minister and Prime Minister’s meeting in Cardiff last Monday.

Asked about The Courier’s story following Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, the PM’s spokesman said: “We don’t believe there should be a second referendum.

“There was a referendum in 2014. It was decisive, clear and legal. Both sides agreed they would abide by the result.”

A senior Labour insider said: “Voters will despair to hear that our two nationalist governments are preparing the groundwork for a second independence referendum.”

A Scottish Government source said: “We remain engaged in a serious effort to protect Scotland’s place in the single market through the compromise
proposals we have put on the table.

“It is up to the UK Government to match that compromise.

“But we have made clear an
independence referendum is very much on the table as an option if it becomes clear it is the best or only way to protect our vital national interests.”