Condoms are least appreciated product in Scottish Government’s baby box, survey reveals

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Nicola Sturgeon meets parents who were receiving some of Scotland's first baby boxes.

Condoms are the most unpopular inclusion in the Scottish Government’s baby box, a survey of parents has revealed.

One in five recipients (19%) of the state-gifted maternity kit said they would not use the contraceptive three-pack.

Alex Cole-Hamilton, the Lib Dem MSP, said: “With this revelation, perhaps the SNP ought to increase the number of baby boxes they have ordered.”

Overall the boxes were well received by families, with 95% saying in the Social Research survey for ministers that they were “very satisfied” with them.

While contraception may be seen as an eyebrow-raising inclusion in a
parenting pack, female fertility tends to soar after pregnancy and births soon after a previous one can lead to health problems.

More than a third (37%) did not want to use the box itself as a sleeping space.

The majority of those already had alternatives, but 8% of them did not want their child lying in a box.

Although most could not think of anything else to include in the box, newborn nappies was a popular choice among those who could.

Nearly all of the clothing items were used, while a room and bath thermometer was declared the most useful.

The Government said registrations had reached 20,000 since the roll-out of the Finnish-inspired scheme in August.

Maree Todd, the childcare minister, said the baby box will help tackle deprivation, improve health and support families.

She added: “We’re proud it has already become an important and exciting part of the journey to parenthood in Scotland.”

A Scottish Government spokesman said they keep all contents of the box under review.