Bear v deer: Road workers capture incredible image of close encounter with Scottish stag

© BEAR Scotland
Deer, badgers, hare and birds of prey have all been targeted by wildlife criminals.

Road workers captured an incredible image of their close encounter with a red deer stag in the Scottish Highlands.

The animal got up close to a BEAR Scotland electrical team at Bridge of Orchy Car Park, just off the A82 Tyndrum to Glencoe road, on Wednesday.

The workers captured the image of the deer from the safety of their van before it “saw them off” the site.

Bear Scotland posted: “We’re so lucky to work in such an amazing place – our electrical team were met by this chap in Bridge Of Orchy car park next to (the) A82 yesterday, they managed to get a quick snap from the safety of the van before he saw them off the premises.”

Red deer stags are particularly dangerous at this time of year.

From October to November it is the species’ breeding – or rutting – season.

With antlers fully grown, stags battle it out to win the favour of hinds with incredible displays of dominance including roaring and fighting.

During the rut their necks swell in size to give them a better chance when locking horns with other deer. Stags have been known to kill each other during the rut.

They become aggressive and have also been known to chase down, attack and gore people.