‘Well above average temperatures’ across Tayside and Fife to peak on Thursday

© DC Thomson
Reilly Fraser and Morris Muzividzi enjoying the sun at Broughty Beach in May 2017.

Locals across Tayside and Fife are expected to bask in the sunshine later this week as temperatures reach unseasonable highs.

Warm air originating from the Azores is moving into the UK from Wednesday with eastern Scotland forecast to bask in the best of it come Thursday.

Parts of Tayside and Fife could benefit from marvellous conditions, with temperatures expected to reach up to 18C locally – which is about 8C more than the average for the area in April.

The north-east of Scotland was one of the hottest places in the UK on Monday, with Kinloss in Moray reaching 17.1C.

While wet and windy weather was forecast to plague parts of Courier Country into Tuesday, temperatures are due to remain fairly high across the region.

And mild air from the south will lead to consistently warm temperatures as the week goes on.

Met Office meteorologist John West said: “Temperatures on Tuesday should get up to broadly 16C – 17C again. Temperatures at this time of year should be closer to around 10C.

“Average temperatures for April are about 10C – 10.5C, you’re already well above the average for this time of year.

“As we go through Wednesday I think the weather will start off on a pretty decent morning. We could end up with fair bit of cloud and a few outbreaks of rain in the morning.

“Wednesday I think temperatures will probably be something similar to Monday and Tuesday. You have got a chance of seeing 16C to 17C again.

“Thursday has got a good deal of sunshine. I think some of the best temperatures we are going to see are on Thursday. It looks like it is shaping up to be a pretty nice day, plenty of sunshine around.

“Winds  are coming from the south-west, (but) those sheltered around the other side of the Cairngorms are going to see some of the highest temperatures.

“You are staying at about 6C to 7C above the average for this time of year. A bit of a welcome Spring in the air.”

Moving into the weekend, the warm weather is predicted to “settle” in the region – though there is the chance of the odd shower of rain on Friday.

Mr West said: “It is quite settled. Friday looks like it is going to be a pretty decent day.

“We are hanging onto some pretty decent settled weather, looks as if Saturday might turn a bit cloudy, a bit dry.”