‘Heavy snow and blizzards’ forecast as Met Office issue weather warning for Tayside and Fife

Locals are bracing for freezing conditions this weekend as forecasters predicted “heavy snow and blizzards” across Scotland.

The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for snow and ice covering almost all of Tayside and Fife, effective from Saturday at noon until Sunday at 10am.

© DC Thomson
Snow in Fife earlier in 2018.

Temperatures could drop to as low as -8C in parts of Scotland this weekend, with up to 8in of snow possible on high ground and about 2in possible even to lower levels.

Wintry conditions, including “freezing rain”, are expected to arrive in Tayside and Fife from Saturday afternoon.

The Met Office hasn’t ruled out snow arriving in the likes of Perth and Dundee, but said showers could fall as rain at lower level instead.

Rural and mountainous areas, especially the Cairngorms, are expected to see the heaviest snowfall.

Temperatures are due to drop to as low as -3C on Saturday morning and -8C early on Sunday.

Met Office meteorologist Bonnie Diamond said: “Snow is in the forecast for northern parts of the UK this weekend. Scotland is receiving most of it.

“Friday actually starts quite nicely, it’s a largely dry day, but we are looking at a cold day with temperatures in the range of 2C-3C.”Then throughout Saturday it is a cold start to the day.

“Rain and snow isn’t actually going to arrive in eastern Scotland until Saturday. From 3pm onward we might start to see that band of snow and rain pushing in from the west.

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“There is a warning out which covers much of Scotland including all of Perthshire. Dundee actually just escapes it, it is on the other side of the warning.

“(Tayside and Fife) has got a fair bit of protection from the mountains. We are looking at the heaviest snow affecting Scotland in the Cairngorms, 10cm – 20cm (4in – 8in). And 40cm (16in) over the highest peaks.

“Drifting snow is possible, certainly conditions are going to be really tricky for those living up there (in the Highlands).

“Over lower ground there is still the chance of seeing snow accumulating.

“On Saturday morning many places, especially in the countryside, will be below freezing. It will be cold through the early hours of Sunday morning.”

The Met Office weather warning for the weekend states: “Heavy snow and blizzards may develop across Scotland and northern England with a risk of freezing rain in places.”