Yancy enjoying life with her new family

A picture of Yancy taken by her new Edinburgh family.
A picture of Yancy taken by her new Edinburgh family.

A final update on our first Guide Dog puppy Yancy…

Yancy didn’t make it through training. She did great at Forfar, really impressing the trainers, but when she moved on to her advanced training in Inverness she started to go “off message”.

In the end she became a little unpredictable, which is the last thing you need in a Guide Dog, so the decision was taken to withdraw her from training. We were given first refusal and asked if we’d like her back, but we’d always said that as long as we were puppy walking having two dogs would be too complicated. Turning her down wasn’t easy though.

So Yancy went to the Davis family who live in Edinburgh and had been on the waiting list for a withdrawn pup. They have two girls aged 8 and 11 who are already besotted with her and she’s settling in to life as a pet very nicely thank you very much.

I received an email from dad Scott today with pictures of our former charge. She seems to have landed on her paws with her new life. She will make the Davis family a great pet and we think she’ll be much happier after her “career change”.

We may well see her in future, but we’re giving her time to settle down first. So it’s more au revoir than adieu. We shall meet again…