EVE MUIRHEAD: Next medal will feel like the best

© GettyTeam Hasselborg.
Team Hasselborg.

This time next week I’ll be in Estonia for the European Championships.

Just being part of the event is a bonus because there were chunks of the summer when I didn’t think that would happen.

When you’ve had a serious injury it does feel like you hit the re-set button and start your career for a second time.

I’m not putting big expectations on the team for the Europeans but the next medal I win, whenever that comes, will definitely feel like one of the best.

As well as the injury aspect of things, I’ve stripped it right back and made some major technique changes.

That adds to the feeling of a new beginning.

Even winning my first game after my comeback was quite emotional so goodness knows what I’ll be like when I get back on a podium!

We know that we’ve got off to a slow start this season but we’ve only played about 15 games together as a team.

We can’t put too much pressure on ourselves.

I want to keep the run of eight medals in a row at Europeans going but I know how lucky I am to even be stepping on the ice.

The main thing will be qualifying Scotland for the World Championships and everything over and above that will be a bonus.

When a team has been together for a while you can expect a level of consistency but in the early days of a new team there will still be really good games, but also a drop off that would be lower than usual.

It’s all a bit less predictable.

We’re all very talented curlers so we do have a shot at getting on the podium.

Any medal would be big for us.

This is the fifth combination of players since Team Muirhead started.

The year we won the Worlds and got Olympic bronze I think we were the best team in the world.

I definitely want to get back to that point and even better.

The first year of an Olympic cycle opens up the competition a bit for the middle-ranking teams because so many of the top ones make changes.

But, at the moment, I know that Team Hasselborg from Sweden are the favourites for gold by a mile.

They’re Olympic champs and have won the first two Slams of the season. They’re the best team in the world just now and, like us, have now got a big Canadian name as their coach, Wayne Middaugh.


* I’m not just saying this but last week’s Stirling University graduation was probably one of the best days I’ve ever had.

Everybody was so friendly and made the whole thing feel a really big deal.

I didn’t fully appreciate what an honour it was until I was giving a speech alongside all the professors.

They certainly don’t throw these honorary degrees about. There’s a lot of thought goes into it and there’s only one a year.

Andy Murray and Judy Murray have been given one so it’s a real privilege to join that small club.