Morning, noon or night… apps are a costly business

Online spending is just too easy these days - especially on Tardises.

It’s too easy to spend money nowadays and we don’t seem reluctant to take every opportunity to blow our hard-earned cash.

There’s proof. We’re just app daft, ken? Almost a third of the 2,000 people giving opinions in an interesting survey said having access to apps, and consequently to ways of spending money with a quick tap of the finger at odd times of the day, is having a negative effect on their finances.

Research by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, an organisation that protects people’s savings, contains all sorts of interesting information about modern spending habits, including the revelation many people buy while in bed.

About 38% said they spend after retiring to their boudoir, which made me go “Hmmm” and wonder what they were buying.

Even stranger, 18% admitted spending on apps when they woke up in the morning.

I suspect a lot of it is people starting the day with a wee go on a video game and buying some coins, gems, crystals or similar to power up their flame-breathing cyber-unicorn.

But early morning spending still amazes me, because I can barely work a toothbrush, never mind a smartphone, when I wake up.

For complicated reasons, I was up at 5am one day last week and I probably should have had a babysitter to keep me alive. I had coffee and crumbs all over me by 9am.

More understandable is late-night spending, because many a foolish decision has been made after a refreshment or three.

How many of us can truly say they haven’t had an argument with a credit card company or online auction site after discovering someone – possibly with access to their accounts and a blood-alcohol level that would stun a horse – had bought a large plastic Tardis in the small hours of the morning? Not me.

And the FSCS says it’s all about taking the time to think. This is good advice, and I might follow it.

The easy way out is rarely wise, and there are lots of apps that help with budgeting.

I just need to find one with a 12-step programme for people addicted to buying Tardises.