Rab Douglas: Glad to see common sense break out as Scottish football dealt with big freeze

A snowbound Tannadice pictured last week.
A snowbound Tannadice pictured last week.

We are never slow to criticise the football authorities in Scotland when they get things wrong so let’s give them some credit for once.

The “Beast from the East” arrived with some of the heaviest snowfalls seen in years and what could have been a nightmare for the SPFL turned out instead to be an example of common sense and smart decision-making from the league.

On the whole, matches were called off in plenty time and it seemed like people were paying attention to the weather forecasts.

When the public are being told by police and politicians not to travel on the roads because of the treacherous conditions then football is not exactly a priority.

Some people were complaining about there not being any bread or milk to buy but you need lorries to supply the shops.

I was particularly pleased to see the safety of travelling fans being given as a reason for calling games off, with Dundee’s game at Celtic Park an example of that.

It is not before time that serious consideration is given to supporters and what they go through to follow their team.

I must admit, though, that when it comes to the possibility of playing summer football in Scotland I am a bit old school – even a dinosaur!

The tradition of football through the winter is one that I would keep, even taking into consideration the recent whiteout.

It can surely be considered a freak spell of snow and it is a hit or a miss predicting when the weather will get bad each year.

Of course, the major problem for a lot of clubs now is fitting all the fixtures in.

Most players will tell you that they prefer playing to training and I’m no exception.

If you can get proper and sensible recovery time then you should be fine but it will still be a challenge for clubs, many of whom are going to be Saturday-midweek-Saturday for pretty much the remainder of the season.

~ Dundee have a massive match against St Johnstone at Dens on Saturday, especially so when you look at the pre-split fixture schedule.

After this one it’s Aberdeen away, Hearts at home, Celtic away then Rangers away.

Ross County may look a bit isolated at the bottom but I am a bit concerned that they might get a bounce from the change of management so a win for the Dark Blues would be very welcome.