Labour Party’s betrayal of working classes

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn addresses the audience at Kitty’s, Kirkcaldy.

Sir, – The right-wing remoaners in the Labour Party and Trade Union Congress leaderships are top-rate remainiacs who, in one fell swoop, have shattered the hopes of millions of working people crying out for a Jeremy Corbyn government.

In one utterly idiotic manoeuvre they have damned the 2017 election manifesto to complete oblivion.

Any lingering link with the anti-democratic European Union is to stamp all over the 17.4 million voters who demanded that Britain leave the transnational corporation’s stitch-up for the elimination of the trade union, democratic and human rights of 500 million people.

The Leave vote represented a body blow to international capital and set the scene for a continent-wide exodus from the bosses’ cartel.

Unless the trade union and Labour movement mobilises to reverse this decision and secure respect for the democratic will of the British people, the Labour Party can wave goodbye to any chance of winning the next general election, whenever it comes, as millions of working-class voters desert the party and stay at home come polling day.

The political, economic and democratic price will consume all the advances won by the left in recent years and leave the space and opportunity open for an assortment of racists, fascists and neo-nazis to take advantage of.

You have been warned.

Raymond Mennie.
49 Ashbank Road,


Tories have let down Scotland

Sir, – It is disappointing to note media reports that Scotland is set to be under-represented in the European Parliament, at such a crucial time as we go through the Brexit machinations.

Due to the internal turmoil and squabbles in the Conservative Party involving whether or not Belinda Don should be appointed as an MEP, Scotland will only have five of its six MEPs in place when the parliament’s committee system resumes in Brussels this week.

If the dispute is still not resolved by September 11, Scotland will also be below par when the parliament holds its next plenary session in Strasbourg.

It is quite ridiculous that the Tories would rather play internal politics than ensure that Scotland’s voice is fully heard in Brussels and Strasbourg.

The Tories need to address this issue quickly and ensure that Scotland has its full complement of representatives present at such a crucial time.

Alex Orr.
77 Leamington Terrace,


GERS figures mask the truth

Sir, – Not unexpectedly, it has not taken long for the SNP and First Minister bashers to cite the latest GERS figures to repeat claims that independence would be a financial disaster.

The detractors are blissfully unaware that these figures are not a true measure of the economic performance of the individual UK member countries.

The formula used to measure the economic output of Scotland compared to England and that of the UK is full of assumptions and adjustments to eliminate anomalies and ensure Scotland is not seen to outperform the other two.

To accept that Scotland is continually subsidised by England and is better off as part of the UK defies economic logic and calls into question the financial competence of the Treasury when it would be more cost effective to cut Scotland adrift to fend for itself.

Unless, of course, there is a hidden agenda involved to stop the truth from emerging, and mask the real reason for hanging on to Scotland, which is strategic.

The economic truth, at least, will come to light in time, much to the embarrassment of correspondents like Keith Howell and Jill Stephenson.

Allan. A MacDougall.
37 Forth Park,
Bridge of Allan.


Get set for neverendum

Sir, – SNP MP Tommy Sheppard calls for a second referendum on Scottish secession to be deferred so that the SNP can seek a mandate for one in the 2021 Holyrood election.

This raises the possibility of a referendum in 2023.

So what he wants is for the neverendum to drag on for another six years.

The loss of many of his colleagues as SNP MPs in June 2017 and the sharp reduction in his own majority seem not to have taught him the obvious: 63.1% of Scots who voted in June, voted for pro-union parties.

There is no appetite for yet another referendum, other than among a minority nationalists, and people are sick of this spoilsport neverendum caused by nationalists who were unable to accept the democratic result of 2014 simply because they lost.

Jill Stephenson.
Glenlockhart Valley,


Fracking can benefit nation

Sir, – Ken Clark’s comments about lavish, well-meant Scottish Government spending on various items mainly to support voters with low incomes, which you printed below a picture of the Ineos refinery at Grangemouth, describes commendable efforts to alleviate poverty.

However, the refinery reminds us of a financial-political paradox in that a nation’s wealth is based, in large part, on effective use of its natural resources, including petroleum.

It seems questionable whether Scots will resume harvesting of our mineral wealth by fracking for natural gas, as is such a great success in North America.

Give fracking a go for the benefit of the people.

Isabel and Charles Wardrop.
111 Viewlands Road West,


Electric bikes pose dangers

Sir, – Politicians are only now realising the dangers of laser pens which are weapons when pointed at aircraft.

Drones are dangerous but there is nothing to stop a person flying one as long as it is less than 20 kilogrammes.

A new threat is the electric bicycle. The speed is limited to 15.5mph with no requirement for a licence or insurance. However, European law allows 30mph, with the UK set to follow.

In 2015, there were 525 casualties and two deaths involving speeding cyclists.

In six years, 3,467 pedestrians were hurt.

Politicians must legislate that electric cycles are only allowed on the road not pavements, not shared pedestrian and cycle paths, not pedestrian areas, not canal paths nor near play areas, where I saw one ridden at speed by a child.

Clark Cross.
138 Springfield Road,