Pedro Caixinha will change Rangers training times to stop St Johnstone getting inside information

Pedro Caixinha.

Pedro Caixinha has added further spice to Friday’s clash between St Johnstone and Rangers  by claiming he would change his training times to stop Saints getting inside information on his team.

When asked what he expected from the Perth side, the Ibrox manager said: “First of all I expect them not to train after we train tomorrow.

“Why am I telling you that? Because I know last season, in the last match, we train at 10 and they train at 12, knowing already our first XI.”

Saints striker Steven MacLean had earlier accused Caixinha of trying to wind up Saints by comparing their formation and style with Championship club Morton, whom Rangers played in a training-ground game last weekend.

Caixinha responded: “If I cannot say one team plays with the same formation and the same style of game, I cannot say anything. I don’t care about it.”