Little piggy finds way home to Angus

Lucy the micropig in her new home.

Animal welfare and trading standards officers in Dundee have helped save a pig in a poke.

SSPCA investigators discovered the micropig, called Lucy, living in an unsuitable home in Dundee earlier this year.

Although not mistreated, it was thought Lucy needed to live in an environment more suited to it.

Now the petite porker has been given a new home at Newton of Fothringham Farm in Angus, seven miles north of Dundee.

New owners Louise Nicoll, husband Graeme and twins Scott and Iona decided to bring home the bacon after being contacted by an animal welfare officer in Fife who had already rehomed three goats with the family.

This year the family has already taken in the goats, four alpacas and two ducks and Louise said Lucy is already a popular addition to the farm.

“Lucy had been kept in a house or a flat so was completely toilet trained,” she said.

“We have a black Labrador and Lucy has been following it around.

“She will even climb onto the couch and then fall asleep on your lap in the evening. She just loves human contact, it’s really quite bizarre.

“We’re going to build a run for her and a house outside but now that winter is coming it would be cruel to just put her outside”.

The Nicolls’ farm offers bed and breakfast accommodation and Louise said Lucy is already proving a smash with visitors.

Dundee City Council environment convener councillor Craig Melville said: “Although Dundee is predominantly an urban area, our officers still have responsibilities for animal health and welfare, and that includes protecting domestic pets as well as livestock, farm animals, and helping prevent the spread of disease.

“Micropigs might be unusual pets, but they still need to live in the proper environment.

“This is a great example of council officers working together with partners in other agencies to ensure that animals are housed in the most suitable surroundings which fit their particular needs.”

Officers from the environment department’s trading standards team assisted the SSPCA in an investigation earlier this year into the Dundee house where the pig was kept.

The council has duties, along with the SSPCA, as an enforcer under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006.