Firm asked for bank statement after customer was given parking penalty notice at city supermarket

David Band outside the Lidl store on South Ward Road.
David Band outside the Lidl store on South Ward Road.

A Dundee man was shocked when he was asked to provide a bank statement to a parking company.

David Band, 72, had parked and shopped in Lidl’s South Ward Road store on November 5 and was surprised to receive a parking penalty notice in the post.

When he contested it with third-party collection company Athena, he was asked to provide proof he had shopped at the store, and was asked to provide a bank statement.

He said: “I almost fell out of my seat I couldn’t believe it. Who would provide a bank statement to a person they didn’t trust?”

Mr Band then contacted Lidl hoping they could prove he was within his rights to park at the city centre store, and they also asked him to provide a bank statement to prove he spent money in the store.

Experian list a bank statement at number one in their list of the “10 most wanted items on an ID fraudster’s wishlist”.

It advises: “A bank statement provides vital information that a criminal can use to pose as you and commit identity fraud by borrowing money and running up debts in your name.”

Mr Band also called for change at the branch of Lidl.

He said: “Neither Lidl nor Athena would do anything other than demand money. It seemed up to the customer to prove their innocence, rather than up to the company to prove their guilt.

“It doesn’t work, especially with this cowboy third-party outfit taking photographs.”

West End councillor Richard McCready said: “This is absolutely unacceptable.

“There is a real need for regulation of these private parking charges. They have little or no legal basis in Scotland.

“I’m not advocating for parking anywhere, or parking on private land, but there is a need for regulation.

“It’s obviously silly that there isn’t a way of organising these things that doesn’t look like a form of extortion.

“I will be writing to the Scottish Government to take action.”

Lidl and the collection company Athena were contacted to provide comment, but did not respond.