Plans for new multi-use games area at Baxter Park

The council is planning to new sports facilities at Baxter Park.

Children may soon benefit from new sports facilities at Baxter Park.

The city council is planning to develop a multi-use games area (MUGA) on a disused bowling green at the southern end of the park.

In a planning application, its landscape design team said: “The park underwent a major restoration project which had its culmination in 2007.

“As part of the restoration, play facilities were upgraded, but there was a lack of opportunity for young people. The project aims to address this situation with the development of an all-weather, intensive use MUGA.”

The MUGA, which will include a youth shelter, will be suitable for basketball, football and hockey. It will be available to schools, youth clubs, uniformed organisations and voluntary groups.

The design team said: “A number of local groups have already expressed an interest in such a space, including the Boomerang Project, Brownies Guides and Scouts and local schools.

“Once installed, the space will be managed by the Friends of Baxter Park and use of the facility will be partially managed with specific time slots being bookable by local school groups during the day, whilst others can use it in a more informal way.”