Parked car creates a sticky situation for road resurfacing teams

The car sits outside the Al-Maktoum College.

A lone car has put the brakes on resurfacing work on a road in the West End of Dundee.

Workers resurfacing Blackness Road between Bellfield Street and Hawkhill have been forced to work around the solitary vehicle, which has been parked outside the Al-Maktoum College for almost a week.

Work to complete the road has stalled until the black Seat’s owner returns and moves the car off the space.

A West End resident said: “I was walking down the road on Saturday and the car was there surrounded by bollards.

“I thought it was funny that they’d had to tarmac the road around it but I thought the car would get moved and they’d finish off the work.

“I went past yesterday and it was still there. I don’t know how they’re going to finish off the road if the car doesn’t get moved it’s going to look pretty strange.”

The issue has been complicated as the car is not parked illegally and the council have no grounds to remove the car from the road.

A spokesman for the college confirmed the vehicle did not belong to anyone there.

The resurfacing work began last Monday and was expected to last around 10 days.

West End councillor Richard McCready said he would be contacting the council’s city development department.

He said: “It does seem a bit daft. I want it done as best as it can be done and I want the whole road to be done and no bits to have been missed. It needs to be done properly that’s crucial.”

A Dundee City Council spokesman said: “Despite thorough checks, there were no grounds which would have allowed removal of the car.

“Work will be completed in the area as soon as it is possible.”