Man jailed for attacking paramedics who were trying to help him

A drug-addled man who launched an attack on ambulance staff trying to help him has been jailed for 15 months.

David Gibson also smashed a medication cupboard in the ambulance after being found “drooling and totally incoherent” on a Dundee street on Monday.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard the 24-year-old, who has a string of convictions, had only been released from jail three days earlier.

Depute fiscal Lynne Mannion told the court two police officers had spotted Gibson in Albert Street at around 4.45pm on Monday.

Ms Mannion said: “Officers approached the accused, helping him to his feet as he was totally incoherent and unable to stand unaided.

“His eyes were glazed, his speech was slurrred and he was drooling from the mouth. He appeared to be heavily under the influence of drugs, there being no apparent smell of alcohol.”

After being assisted into an ambulance Gibson became increasingly hostile towards police and ambulance staff and started shouting and swearing.

His condition required the administering of an anti-drug suppressant which initially calmed him, but he then started lashing out with his arms and legs and smashed a medication cupboard.

Gibson admitted obstructing and hindering Graham Grant and Louise Kerr, both paramedics, care of the Scottish Ambulance Service, West School Road, Dundee, then in the execution of their duties by shouting, swearing lashing out his arms and legs while they were attempting to administer to him, contrary to the Emergency Workers (Scotland) Act 2005 in Albert Street on June 17.

He also admitted wilfully or recklessly destroying property belonging to others by breaking a medicine cupboard door within the ambulance by kicking it.

Douglas McConnell, defending, said his client had been staying at the Salvation Army hostel on his release from prison and “fell in with associates”.

Sheriff Richard Davidson said: “This is a disgraceful episode, not that you remember much of it given the condition you were in.

“I cannot tolerate ambulance staff being subjected to assault and emergency vehicles damaged.”

Sheriff Davidson imposed an eight month sentence for the latest offences and ordered Gibson to serve a seven month unexpired portion of a previous sentence.