We forgive you Dundee University cancels parishioners’ parking tickets

Luis Alcada and James Anthony from the church beside signs for the car park.
Luis Alcada and James Anthony from the church beside signs for the car park.

Dundee University has cancelled parking tickets issued to Gate Church parishioners on Sunday.

As we reported, up to 20 worshippers were issued with £30 penalties for parking in a university car park without a permit.

West End Councillor Richard McCready contacted the university after reading about the crackdown in The Courier.

He said: “I understand why the university wants to protect its car parking spaces but I think that it is important that the university interacts with the local community.

“The University of Dundee is, on the whole, a good neighbour. I hope that they might look at some way of making car parking spaces available on a Sunday, which might help those attending services at the Gate Church as well as some other churches on the Perth Road.”

A spokesman for the university confirmed that the parking tickets would be cancelled.

He said: “We have had discussions with the church to the effect that worshippers can park in the car park on a Sunday, without a permit, but will still have to pay the parking charge outlined on the signs, which are clearly displayed.”

A spokesman for the Gate Church welcomed Mr McCready’s support, adding: “He will be contacting the university on our behalf to ask them to look again at our request to borrow or rent car parking space on Sundays.”