Decorator reunited with his hidden work of art 30 years later

January 5 2013, 10.50amUpdated: April 16 2016, 9.08pm
Mr Kidd brushes up a younger version of himself in the uncovered painting.

A DECORATOR who helped leave an artistic calling card in a Broughty Ferry flat has been reunited with his handiwork 30 years on.

The Courier revealed on Monday how Church Street resident Scott Oswald made the amazing discovery when he stripped away the wallpaper in his living room.

Now one of the tradesmen responsible for the impressive painting has been sent on a trip down memory lane after a friend saw the story in the paper.

Painter and decorator Brian Kidd was working in the flat in the early 1980s when he and colleagues Joe Ramsay and Brian Shepherd decided to immortalise their efforts.

Mr Kidd (50), who lives in Arbroath, said: “I was only a young apprentice at the time but I remember it well. We were doing up the flat when Joe called us into the living room and said ‘stand there’.

“He proceeded to paint this picture on the wall he was very artistic and a bit of dark horse. Quite often we would leave signatures on walls but this was something else.

“Joe painted it and then I varnished it. It’s incredible that it’s been found 30 years later.”

Mr Oswald (46) unearthed the painting while redecorating his living room.

He said: “I was just scraping the walls and then as the layers of paper were coming off I started to see markings.

“It’s a framed picture that’s been hand-painted. It’s like my living room with three men standing in it and a window with the Tay Bridge in the background.

“My next-door neighbour has been here 30 years and remembers the flats being done up at the time.”

Inscribed on the painting are the words “Painted and papered by Joe Ramsay, Brian Kidd and Brian Shepherd for DS Fender of Kirriemuir, July 16, 1982.”

Mr Oswald has received more than 20 calls since the story appeared in The Courier including one from Mr Kidd after he was tipped off by his friend Derek Crossan.

A paint sprayer by trade, Mr Oswald described himself as “over the moon” at the response to his appeal.

Information from the callers revealed that Mr Shepherd is now living in Melbourne, Australia, while Mr Ramsay who was the two Brians’ journeyman died several years ago.

Mr Kidd said: “Me and Brian were great mates. It’s amazing to hear that he now lives in Australia. The whole thing has brought back a lot of memories.”

Mr Oswald added: “I’m papering over the wall, but I’m going to leave the painting uncovered.

“I’ll screw in a toughened glass panel over it so it’ll always be there for people to see. It’s amazing a total one-off.”

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