Dundee campaigners fight against bedroom tax

February 20 2013, 4.15pmUpdated: April 17 2016, 12.15am

Dundee campaigners against the bedroom tax are supporting the campaign led by former city man, solicitor Mike Dailly, to have the law changed to prevent evictions as a result of rent arrears due to the bedroom tax.

The No Evictions For Bedroom Tax campaign proposes a change in the Housing (Scotland) Act of 2001 to make it impossible to evict someone for rent arrears as a result of the new tax.

Mr Dailly is the principal solicitor of Glasgow’s Govan Law Centre and he is calling for bedroom tax rent arrears to be treated as an ordinary debt so that tenants cannot be evicted.

The campaign has the support of the STUC, Oxfam, Shelter Scotland and Money Advice Scotland among others.

Objectors can sign an online petition.

As well as supporting this change in the law, campaigners are planning public meetings, protests and other events across Dundee in the next few weeks, beginning with a meeting in the Mark Henderson Centre, Ann Street, Hilltown, at 7pm on Wednesday.

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