VIDEO: Forest the emu a firm favourite at new home after Fife Animal Park rescue

An emu rescued from the Fife Animal Park is enjoying a new lease of life in his new home.

Specialist Wildlife Services workers found Forest in a stable kept almost entirely in darkness when they assessed the welfare of the animals at the park.

He was suffering a number of health problems and it was unclear whether he had any vision at all as his reaction to movement was severely compromised.

Avian specialists Birdworld, a public bird zoo at Farnham in Surrey were contacted and immediately offered to help.

In March, Forest made the long journey from Scotland to Surrey and his rehabilitation began.

He was given further veterinary treatment, spacious housing and the correct diet for his species was continued, supplemented with vitamins and treats such as fruit and seeds.

Keepers created additional enrichment programs for him to correct his stereotypical behaviour and gradually he was introduced to the open air paddock and his two female companions.

Now, seven months later Forest is happy, healthy and enjoying the company of other birds and has become a firm favourite with visitors to the 26 acre park.

A spokesperson for Birdworld said: “At last he has a real future thanks to the dedication of the determined organisations who worked together to give him, and the other animals of Fife Animal Park a chance.”

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