Drivers get card marked on parking in Kirkcaldy disabled bays

May 2 2013, 4.22pmUpdated: April 16 2016, 4.16pm

Drivers have been warned there is no longer any excuse for parking in disabled bays in Kirkcaldy High Street.

The message delivered by Councillor Neil Crooks, chairman of Fife Council’s Kirkcaldy area committee follows an improvement to road markings indicating the spaces are for disabled drivers only.

Mr Crooks previously called for action after the police said they could not prosecute drivers illegally parked in the bays in the west end of High Street, as the roadside sign was too small.

There were no markings on the road to show the spaces were for blue badge holders and the single sign was smaller than an A4 piece of paper, meaning many people parked there without realising they were breaking the law.

This resulted in shopworkers parking in the area all day, leaving disabled drivers hunting for a space.

The council’s transportation officials claimed the notice was adequate under the law but said they would make the signs more obvious following the Kirkcaldy committee’s call.

Just days after The Courier highlighted Mr Crooks’ concerns, markings were painted on the road, making it obvious the spaces were for disabled people only.

Mr Crooks said: “The transportation service was correct that the disabled bays marking was enforceable, as the requirements for marking the actual road surface with the well-known disabled logo had been removed by statute.

“However, they also agreed that many drivers could have been totally unaware that they were using a disabled parking bay. Steps were taken quite quickly after our area committee expressed their support for painting the road surface.”

Pointing out that people who did hold blue badges were still parking in the bays, he added: “Although the numbers have certainly reduced, to be frank, there is no longer an excuse that can be used regarding lack of visibility.

“The police were sympathetic before the road was painted but I would personally encourage enforcement action against drivers who ignore the fact these bays are for exclusive use of blue-badge holders and I feel that stance would have wide public support.”

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