Metropolis pianist heading for the big city

A musical score which premiered in Perthshire is to be showcased at a top London venue.

Perthshire pianist Dmytro Morykit received a standing ovation when he accompanied a screening of silent film Metropolis in Crieff.

The classic 1927 film, like most of its era, was originally accompanied by a live performance on piano.

Dmytro reimagined the music for a performance at the Strathearn Artspace last month and has now been invited to repeat the performance at Wilton’s Music Hall in the Whitechapel area of the capital.

He expressed his delight at the response of the Crieff audience.

“The performance at the Artspace was amazing and I got a standing ovation at the end of it,” he said.

“Any audience that does that for you is special and I was sure at that point that what I had done had worked.

“The organisers in London originally heard about another show that I was doing, entitled Music and Manufacture, which they wanted to put on but when they heard about Metropolis they thought that would be even more of an audience-puller because there’s quite a hardcore fan base for that particular film.”

Dmytro added that he was looking forward to his May 31 performance.

“I feel very excited,” he said. “I’m having to do a lot of practice. The pressure is on I have to deliver again.

“It’s the oldest music hall in London. It’s quite an important venue because it’s been presenting music along with visuals since 1850.

“It’s a fabulous place it’s set out like an Italian renaissance church and is great for presenting music or drama.”

It is expected that there will be a further performance of the film in Crieff later this year.