T in the Park: Strathallan residents say they were kept in the dark

June 27 2014, 2.39pmUpdated: April 20 2016, 2.55am
While some are jumping for joy at T in the Park's new home, others are not so impressed.

A community has reacted with anger to being kept in the dark over plans to stage T in the Park in their area.

The festival juggernaut rolled into Strathallan on Thursday as organisers DF Concerts welcomed the nation’s media to announce its arrival.

For many local people that came as a bombshell and there was dismay that the community had to find out in such a fashion.

Members of the community council admitted they had little information to offer, while Councillor Tom Gray had to fend off a number of tough questions about the council’s knowledge of events.

It soon became apparent, however, that there were a broad range of views within the room, with a number looking forward to welcoming the event next year.

Some residents believe it will raise the profile of the village, bring trade to businesses and lead to improved infrastructure and even better broadband and phone network coverage.

Others fear the picturesque community, where houses near the estate can easily top £1 million, will be blighted by weeks of disruption and days of noise, drugs, alcohol, mess and pollution.

One resident who lives within yards of the site said: “I received a letter from DF Concerts informing me that a security fence could be erected around my home and that if I wanted to go on holiday during the event they could provide my house with a security guard.

“That does not help to put your mind at rest.”

Another concerned local said: “We have so many unanswered questions and it would have been nice if the organisers could have been here to answer some of them.

“It is a disgusting way to treat people in this community to have them find out through the newspapers.”

One businesswoman said she feared the event would have an adverse impact on business in the village though she accepted others were hugely positive.

She added: “We must have more information. It might make some of our fears worse, but we deserve to be told.”

Auchterarder resident and local events planner Debbie Ramsay believes the festival will be good for the community, saying: “There are people who have been very upset about this, but many were also up in arms over the G8 Summit but it was a great event and I think the village took great benefit from it.”

Local weather guru Windy Wilson added: “There will be concerns about safety and public order but I know that over the next 12 months it will be painstakingly planned.”

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