VIDEO: Amazing moment as mum finds out her son is a secret Dundee student and is about to graduate

This is the moment a Perthshire mum learns her son has been living a double life by secretly studying for a degree.

Crieff man Liam Blair hid his life as a student from his mother for four years.

Liam, 31, only revealed he had been a Dundee University academic minutes before he graduated in psychology.

The amazing moment he unveiled his clandestine studies to mum, Rhonda, was captured on video.

He had pretended he was working and living in Perth when he was in fact staying in a flat in Dundee.

Liam has refused to reveal the reasons for his double life but admitted the thought of seeing his mother’s face when he finally told his tale was what maintained him through his coursework.

He said: “I didn’t expect to be accepted on to the course. I only got one Higher at school.

“The thought of my mum’s reaction when I was to reveal it to her ended up acting as a strong motivator for me to see the course to the end.

“It was meticulously planned and was a struggle but in the end it couldn’t have gone better.”

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