Warning after elderly shopper’s purse stolen

February 23 2013, 9.00amUpdated: April 16 2016, 12.16pm

POLICE IN Perth are urging shoppers to be vigilant, after the latest purse theft in the city.

An elderly shopper’s pink purse was stolen at Morrisons supermarket in the city’s Caledonian Road between 1.50pm and 3pm on Wednesday one incident in a recent spate of such crimes.

The woman had placed her purse in a tartan carrier bag in her trolley while she was shopping and later discovered it had been stolen.

This follows two purse thefts in Perth city centre last week and similar incidents across Perth and Kinross.

A police spokesperson said yesterday: “Tayside Police advise that anyone with handbags, or indeed shopping bags, should never let them out oftheir sight and they should try to be aware of thepeople around them at all times.

“Anyone whose purse or handbag is lost or stolen should report it immediately to the police, as well as reporting the matter to the issuers of their credit, debit and store cards at the earliest opportunity.

“As well as appealing for people to come forward with any information, or to report any suspicious behaviour they see, we ask shoppers to take every precaution to reduce the chances of their purses and handbags being lost or stolen.”

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