Hidden masterpieces go online

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Hundreds of paintings that have lain hidden for decades have been put on display for the first time.

The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum has unveiled more than 400 works of art online as part of a nationwide event.

The new exhibition will celebrate the completion of the Your Paintings website, which showcases the entire UK collection of oil paintings and has been created by the BBC, along with the Public Catalogue Foundation.

Collections curator for the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum Michael McGinnes said: “It has been our ambition to rehang the collection in a refurbished Smith Gallery.

“The process is taking longer than planned but, in the meantime, visitors can see all of the Smith’s oil paintings online.

“We have a special showing of the works of the founder of the Stirling Smith, the artist Thomas Stuart Smith and his contemporaries in the Smith’s Entrance Gallery.”

The hidden gems of the Stirling gallery can be viewed at bbc.co.uk/yourpaintings, alongside paintings from 441 museums, galleries and public buildings in Scotland.