Three climbers rescued after getting lost in blizzard

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Three people had to be rescued from a mountain range after getting lost in blizzard conditions.

A party of eight from the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team (CMRT) set off after the alarm was raised on Wednesday.

Climbers were reported as having been “misplaced” on the range’s plateau in darkness and blizzard conditions.

The volunteer rescuers used a CanAm track vehicle to scale part of the range before making their way on foot.

After five hours, battling through poor visibility and snow, the team found the party at around 3,500ft and returned them to safety.

A post on the CMRT Facebook page said: “CMRT called out tonight to assist a party of three who had misplaced themselves in blizzard conditions and darkness on the Plateau.

“Not a night to spend out on the tops.”