Only 7% of Education Scotland staff believe body manages change well – survey

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Staff at Scotland’s national education body have little confidence in its ability to handle change, a survey has suggested ahead of sweeping reforms to the school system.

Only 7% of Education Scotland employees believe change is managed well by the organisation while just 9% believe that when changes are made, they are “usually for the better”.

Meanwhile, only 18% have confidence in decisions made by senior managers and 21% think the agency’s board has a ” clear vision for the future”.

The findings – from a UK-wide civil service survey – come as the Scottish Government consults on a raft of reforms to education governance.

Education Scotland will play a key part, including an enhanced role in supporting school leadership and teacher professional development, and providing core staff within new regional improvement collaboratives being set up to help share good practice across council boundaries.

However, the survey results will raise questions over the agency’s ability to deliver the changes.

It has previously faced criticism from teachers, unions and opposition parties over its handling of Curriculum for Excellence and its role in both shaping and inspecting the curriculum.

A report on the survey findings by the Scottish Parliament’s information centre, submitted to Holyrood’s Education Committee last month, also found a decline in staff confidence at Education Scotland over the last few years.

In 2016, 11% of employees felt change was managed well, before the figure dropped to 7% in this year’s survey, while those who believed changes were “usually for the better” fell from 26% in 2015 to 16% in 2016 before falling to 9% this year.

The 2017 survey was conducted in October, during a period of interim leadership at Education Scotland, and prior to the appointment of new permanent chief executive Gayle Gorman in December.

Ms Gorman said: “As the new chief executive I believe that people are at the heart of an effective organisation.

“Education Scotland is now turning a new page and I intend to lead an organisation that is committed to its staff, the profession of teaching and delivering the best possible education for every child.”