Farmers urged to back union

The Better Together campaign is urging farmers to back the union.

The Better Together campaign has written to 1,010 farmers asking them to back the UK.

The correspondence, signed by former farmer George Lyon MEP, urges the agricultural community to communicate any concerns they have about independence.

The letter reads: “We are only 20 months away from a vote on independence that raises huge uncertainty about our membership of the EU, the currency we would use, the taxes and interest rates we would pay.

“Twenty months away from a referendum that could turn a home market of 60 million UK consumers into a home market of just five million Scots.

“Twenty months may seem like a long time away but the time to contribute to the debate and make sure your questions are answered is now if you have any questions or comments please email us.

“Scotland currently sells the vast majority of our meat and milk products into England using the British label.

“Overnight, independence will make us exporters in the vast English market, competing toe to toe with Ireland and other countries on price.

“This could only mean much lower returns for Scottish farmers and processors.”