Fans storm Egyptian football federation HQ after riot ruling

Smoke and fire rises from the Egyptian Soccer Federation after protesters set fire following a court verdict in Cairo.

Fans of Cairo’s Al-Ahly club have stormed Egypt’s football federation headquarters, setting it ablaze in anger after a court acquitted seven of nine police officials on trial for their alleged role in deadly stadium melee last year.

Fire also swept through a nearby police club, but it was not immediately clear whether Al-Ahly fans were responsible for that blaze as well.

Heavy black smoke billowed out of the rose-coloured, three-storey neo-colonial building in central Cairo.

The fires followed a court verdict earlier today that confirmed death sentences against 21 people for their role in the 2012 riot that killed 74 people after a game in the city of Port Said.

The court also sentenced two senior police officers to 15 years in prison, but acquitted seven other security officials.