Fresno shooting suspect due in court on murder charge

April 21 2017, 8.57amUpdated: April 21 2017, 10.49am
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The man suspected over this week’s mass shooting in Fresno, California, is due to appear in court to face arraignment for a first-degree murder charge over a killing five days earlier.

Kori Ali Muhammad was charged on Thursday with killing unarmed security guard Carl Williams at a Motel 6 in Fresno a week earlier.

Mr Williams was the first victim in four killings by Muhammad, authorities said.

Muhammad said Mr Williams had shown him disrespect while Muhammad was visiting a woman at the motel, according to police.

Police said he told them that learning he was wanted over the death of Mr Williams spurred him to try to kill as many white people as possible before he was caught.

He shot three other white men at random on Tuesday, police said, including a Pacific Gas & Electric worker sitting in a truck and two men who had come out of a Catholic Charities building.

He fired 17 rounds in less than two minutes and police, with help from acoustic sensors posted in the area, arrested him less than five minutes after the rampage began.

Prosecutors said Muhammad will face murder charges over all four men, but they are waiting for investigators to assemble their case before filing the other three.




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