New website aims to boost tourism to Forth bridges

August 18 2017, 3.35pmUpdated: August 18 2017, 9.31pm
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A new website providing traffic updates for the Forth bridges is also aimed at boosting tourism. gives details of the traffic management and road layouts that will be in place when the Queensferry Crossing opens.

The website’s launch comes two weeks ahead of the opening of the new crossing, and it also features a photo archive of the bridges.

Transport Minister Humza Yousaf said: “I’m delighted to launch, it’s collating information not about one or two, but about all three of the bridges.

“That information is from traffic management, all the way through to historic pictures of the old bridge being built.

“The reason for that is partly of course for traffic management issues but also, hopefully, for tourists to see the iconic nature of these bridges and get down here to have a look for themselves at these wonderful tourist attractions.”

The website will serve as a hub for people looking for information on the three bridges over the Firth of Forth.

It will provide real time travel information using cameras from Traffic Scotland.

Members of the public will also be able to add their own pictures to the site’s gallery.

When someone tags one of the bridges on social media, the image will automatically be added to the website.

Mr Yousaf added: “We encourage people to come on the bridge, come on the viewing platforms, take those pictures, share them with the world, share them with social media and spread the message that these iconic structures are really worth coming down to see.

“There’s always some checks and balances. We’re always aware that social media unleashed can of course be dangerous. But you know what, people should have fun with it.”

Initially, the Queensferry Crossing will have a 40mph speed limit and all traffic will be able to cross, with cyclists and pedestrians using the Forth Road Bridge (FRB).

This is to allow work to take place on the FRB to complete its transformation into an active travel corridor.

When the work is finished, public transport will be switched on to the FRB and the Queensferry Crossing will be given motorway status.

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