Won’t consider using Dundee Airport again after disregard shown for locals

Sir, I write with reference to the letter in The Courier on Friday, January 25, from Mr Inglis Lyon regarding Dundee Airport and the support needed from local residents.

I would like to point out as a local resident the difficulties we face supporting our local airport and will give you an example of an incident which happened to me which, as far as I believe, is not an uncommon occurrence.I booked flights to London. I could have travelled from Edinburgh at approximately a third of the cost but for convenience I decided it would be worth it as we were only going for the weekend.The flight to London was uneventful. However, when we arrived at London City Airport for our return flight we were informed that the flight had been cancelled.We were given no warning and were told we would have to wait for a flight to Edinburgh and be bussed to Dundee. We were less than happy as we did not even receive an apology. Our flight was now later, we had to wait for a bus and everyone to arrive for it.When we eventually got to Dundee they did not even have the decency to take us into the city centre, we were unceremoniously dumped out at the airport which was closed, our luggage was thrown out in a manner which could have easily caused breakages. Our arranged lifthome could not now meet us so we had the additional cost of a taxi.After writing a letter of complaint to the airline I was basically told this happens and still did not receive an apology. After talking with colleagues who have experienced the same thing, I have not considered flying from Dundee again. I have flown BA from Edinburgh.I won’t consider Dundee airport again until their airline partners have more regard for local residents.Jacqueline McCluskey.22 Ferndale Drive,Broughty Ferry, Dundee.Let’s sort the basics firstSir, Your business reporter, Graham Huband, promotes the case of the HS2 rail link as a much needed jobs and wealth creator. He quotes the chancellor as saying “doing nothing was not a choice for a progressive economy”.This may be the case, but not only does this project come with a massive price tag which this much indebted country can ill afford, but it completely ignores the fundamentals that should be looked at first before we embark on another journey into a massive monetary “black hole”.We currently have one of the worst infrastructures with potholed and crumbling roads and motorways brought on by an unpredictable climate and years of funding neglect by indifferent governments.Let us be a progressive economy by all means, but before we engage in a contentious rail project, let’s see to the basics and start repairing the roads we all rely on.Thousands of jobs could be created if done properly with all the associated consumer benefits. Then, and only then, can we afford to look at saddling this country’s population with £1000 per head of debt.Stephen Henderson.Camphill Road,Broughty Ferry, Dundee.Local groups lose out tooSir, We at SAMS (St Andrews Musical Society) have been devastated by the news of the Byre’s closure with the loss of 25 jobs. What a tragedy for the staff who have had no time to prepare for redundancy or for the Board and Friends, who, despite their valiant efforts, have been unable to save the theatre.The Byre, which was due to celebrate its 80th birthday on April 4 this year, has been such a valuable artistic hub over the years and a key focus for community involvement in so many ways.It is ironic that the Byre was recognised by Creative Scotland for an award with the recent success of Macpherson’s Rant.So many local groups who use the theatre have lost out also.At the end of February SAMS was due to stage Carousel, a first both for our society and for the Byre. Our shows have always been so well, supported in the past.SAMS has managed to change the venue to the Town Hall. Times, dates and prices will remain the same (February 26 March 2).We shall honour tickets bought from the Byre. However, seats at the Town Hall will not be numbered. To procure the desired seat we ask those purchasers to arrive at a reasonable time, as it will be on a “first come first served” basis.As the box office in the Byre is now closed, SAMS is indebted to The Potting Shed 199 South Street, the former Garden Centre close to the West Port, who have volunteered to sell remaining tickets. You can also reserve tickets by phone on 07581899148 during business hours.Despite this tragedy we believe the ‘show must go on’. We hope that the town’s people will rally round and support us in these difficult times.Mary Ray.vice-President SAMS.Live horse and you’ll get cornSir, Ed Miliband wonders how he can deliver social justice for the UK.Westminster has had 306 years to do just that.The people of Scotland can wait no longer.Labour are also promising more powers under devolution. Would that be the same powers promised prior to the last referendum on independence?A case of live horse and you will get corn!Peter Bell.Muirton Road,Arbroath.