Alex Salmond’s power defence unleashes backlash

Power and ponies will dominate the debate in Thursday’s letters pages.

A Dundee reader complains about our Magazine article on polo, claiming the sport is cruel.

There is a plea to save Fife’s libraries from closure and a juicy political spat.

First up is a Coupar Angus reader who attacks “rabid unionists” like Mr Mulheron of Tayport.

Our correspondent warns the days when Scots will accept child poverty, nuclear weapons and English dominance over the UK are over.

But it is the power debate that lights up Thursday’s pages.

Former First Minister Alex Salmond used his Monday page in The Courier to argue that Scotland’s energy potential is being frustrated. Mr Salmond blamed the closure of Longannet power station on National Grid connection charges.

What a backlash Mr Salmond’s column has unleashed. Our correspondents claim it is the SNP’s policy of promoting wind turbines to appease the green lobby that has forced the closure of Longannet and the loss of hundreds of skilled jobs.

One writer takes issue with the promotion of offshore wind and points to the retreat from Methil of Samsung Heavy Industries.

Yet another accuses current First Minister Nicola Sturgeon of frustrating the development of the shale and unconventional gas industries to keep green voters onside.

Looking further ahead, I have received a letter from Dundee councillor Kevin Cordell defending Gaelic teaching and pointing out it has cross-party support in the city.

Another topic likely to feature in the days ahead is the council boundary changes proposed for Fife and Tayside.

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