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Time to retreat

August 21 2017

Whether you’re holed up in an historic castle feeling suitably smug or enjoying lunch in a hotel overlooking lush green fields, there’s something magical about a country retreat.


At home in Aarhus

August 19 2017

It’s easy to feel at home in Aarhus. At least it is for a Dundonian. Strolling through a compact city centre with pedestrianised shopping areas, then down to a waterfront in the throes of colossal redevelopment.


Slovenia: A bijou Europe in Miniature

August 12 2017

As a travel writer there are some countries that I just cannot help going back to. One of my favourites is Slovenia, a bijou ‘Europe in Miniature’ that boasts Alpine peaks and lakes, world class food, superb wines, a slice of Mediterranean coastline, not to mention one of Europe’s most engaging capitals.


A trip to the Swiss valley of Binn works wonders for body and soul

August 5 2017

Early on my first morning at Chaserstatt hotel I’m woken by the gentle sound of cow bells. Set 5000ft up in the Binntal, an Alpine valley in the Swiss canton of Valais, the hotel enjoys sweeping views down to the town of Ernen far below, while the owners of the bells – beautiful brown cattle – graze close by on their summer pastures.


Discovering Windsor

July 29 2017

I’ve easily visited over a hundred castles in Scotland over the years, but I’d never been to Windsor Castle, the largest inhabited castle in the world. This summer I resolved to finally venture to the Queen’s favourite weekend retreat and soon discovered that there is plenty more to enjoy in and around what is a glorious Royal burgh.


Cruising Arran and Argyll

July 22 2017

They say life begins at 40 and that’s certainly when my holiday life at sea began. As a celebration of my 40th birthday, I embarked with my husband Simon on a Hebridean Princess cruise of the Hebrides.


Cruising the heavenly Hebrides

July 15 2017

As a travel writer I’ve been lucky enough to embark on cruise ships around the world and hand on maritime heart I reckon the Hebrides offer the finest cruising in the world. This year brings two superb new options for exploring this epic archipelago.