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Tee to Green: Keep your friends close?

September 10 2019

Every year we pore over the results of golf’s biggest team competitions for clues to the perfect way to win. And it seems every year the trends change.


Zach ahead of the other Johnson and the box-office names

July 20 2018

The press interview room at Carnoustie was like the galleries outside; shoulder-to-shoulder for two men, plenty of breathing space for the other. But although all three had an impressive morning in the rain, the “other” guy, Zach Johnson, came out on top.


“The Match” was an expensive mistake

November 27 2018

Reports from the USA had it that Turner Broadcasting Systems, who bankrolled the hyped “The Match” between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson needed 500,000 pay-per-view subscribers to break even.