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Jim Spence

Jim Spence: Scotland desperately needs new Wembley Heroes

November 5 2016

Scotland desperately needs new Wembley heroes in the mould of the 1967 team which humbled the World Cup winners on their own patch with Law and Baxter giving a master class, or the 1928 Wembley Wizards who hammered the Auld enemy 5-1 on their hallowed turf.

Jim Spence

Jim Spence: The only currency that counts in getting a manager is hard cash

June 3 2017

Neil McCann’s appointment as Dundee FC manager, when it seemed that Jack Ross was a shoo in as the new boss, may have looked a bit like a keystone cops movie from the outside: but in football things are seldom straightforward, and the search for a new manager is one which is full of pitfalls ranging from leaked stories to outright rejection.

Jim Spence

Jim Spence: ‘Get it up the park’ fans don’t help their team

December 2 2017

Singing in the shower doesn’t make me Gregory Porter, and painting the living room won’t turn me into Leonardo Da Vinci. Similarly, screaming abuse and criticism, at their own players, dressed up as encouragement, doesn’t turn the fans doing it into Jose Mourinho or Brendan Rogers.

Jim Spence

Jim Spence: The ‘collective insanity’ of the transfer window

September 3 2016

On the now defunct ‘Through the window’ programme on BBC Radio Scotland, which broadcast the live transfer action as it happened, the highlight of one show I was on was the loud ringing, live on air, of Chick Young’s door bell as his carry-out curry arrived at his house from where he was broadcasting.