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Amber Lights

Gallic whisky galore!

September 24 2016

Brittany prides itself on being the most celtic area of France, and therefore is also the one area that has gone most seriously into whisky distilling in a nation that mainly distils brandies of various kinds and “eaux-de-vie” – spirits distilled from various types of fruit, ranging from Calvados (apples) to kirsch (cherries) and pruneaux (plums).

Amber Lights

Delightful distilleries

October 29 2016

People occasionally ask me to name my favourite whisky and also my favourite distillery. The first answer is easy (Lagavulin), the second more difficult because, as a whisky writer, I can visit distilleries not generally open to the public.

Amber Lights

Place in whisky history is assured

October 8 2016

For decades, Lochside distillery was arguably Montrose’s most visible landmark. Built originally as a brewery in Germanic Brauhaus style, it brewed Deuchar’s IPA for many years and also (no kidding) Newcastle Brown, shipped from Esk to the Tyne weekly in two special “beer boats”.

Amber Lights

Winnie gave whisky a much-needed boost

August 20 2016

One historic figure to whom the whisky industry owes much is Sir Winston Churchill. Although best remembered for his cigars, Winston liked his tipple and whisky was either top or near-top of his list.

Amber Lights

Don’t try to hurry whisky maturation

September 10 2016

Readers may recall that a couple of months back some Bulgarian firm hit the headlines by selling a pair of oak cubes that, if you stuck them into a glass of so-so whisky, would apparently transform it into something really special.