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Amber Lights

Winnie gave whisky a much-needed boost

August 20 2016

One historic figure to whom the whisky industry owes much is Sir Winston Churchill. Although best remembered for his cigars, Winston liked his tipple and whisky was either top or near-top of his list.

Food & Drink

Don’t let alcohol spoil your sense of agency

September 7 2019

There seems to be a strange, semi-obscure world of science and medicine that forever appears to be seeking yet another reason why we should shun alcoholic drink. The latest manifestation was a paper published some weeks back stating that even one pint of beer or glass of wine adversely affected a person’s “sense of agency”.

Amber Lights

Don’t try to hurry whisky maturation

September 10 2016

Readers may recall that a couple of months back some Bulgarian firm hit the headlines by selling a pair of oak cubes that, if you stuck them into a glass of so-so whisky, would apparently transform it into something really special.