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Restaurant Reviews

Gracie’s, Broughty Ferry (39/50)

December 2 2017

If you're out for coffee and cake or a spot of lunch then Broughty Ferry really is the place to go. The little seaside town is teeming with coffee shops and restaurants and there seems to be enough customers to go around as the majority of them are usually fairly busy.

Restaurant Reviews

The Brasserie at Fonab Castle Hotel, Pitlochry (43/50)

June 24 2017

I love eating out. And eating in. In fact I just love eating. But I digress.  Getting dressed up to dine somewhere extra special used to be a thrilling treat. And it still is but these days, with a small person in tow,  evenings out either take tremendous planning or have to happen at lunchtime.

Restaurant Reviews

The Cafe at The Crieff Food Co (41/50)

October 7 2017

As consumers, we are constantly being reminded that we should "shop local".  This is clearly not always possible as my daughter is partial to a banana which I can't source from this continent, and I admit I'm rather fond a Chilean Merlot. Having said that, Scotland is bursting full of the most outstanding produce, and The Crieff Food Co has recently opened to showcase Perthshire's finest.

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Cafe Circa, Abernyte (41/50)

November 16 2017

When I'm home with my grandparents or Christmas decoration shopping with my mum, then lunch in a garden centre or the like feels cosy and fitting. Good cake, a jacket potato and a decent coffee and everyone's happy.

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Cafe Byzantium, Monikie (37/50)

August 19 2017

My faithful black labrador, Riley, is used to being taken anywhere and everywhere.  He hops eagerly into the car as soon as the boot is open and has so far been enthusiastic about everywhere he's been.  I am, however, always on the lookout for places to go that he will truly love and Monikie Park seemed to fit the bill and it just so happens, there is a Mediterranean cafe I have been meaning to try right in the middle of it.

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Food Anarchy, Dundee (36/50)

June 3 2017

Aged 22 I was a naive cliché. Maybe I still am.  I thought I needed to find myself - do something daring or out of the ordinary - so I packed a rucksack, booked a ticket and set off to South America for six months solo.  It was the best decision I ever made and I wouldn't change a single minute of it.

Restaurant Reviews

The Tailend, Dundee (38/50)

March 25 2017

The crocuses are out, the birds are singing and even the daffodils are showing willing.  Is it tempting fate then, to say that spring is on the way? Is it too soon to start dreaming of summer, of long walks in the evening sun, of icy cold glasses of rosé and fish suppers on the beach?