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Seasons greetings: The gardening year ends

December 30 2017

As the gardening year draws to an end, now is the perfect time to look back and compare our hopes and expectations of creating a great garden with this years choice of plants and seeds, but working with the weather which is not always in our favour.


Blowing a raspberry at bad gardening experiences

November 11 2017

My first experience of fresh raspberries goes back to the early fifties as this wee scruffy lad joined a band of other kids from the new housing estate St. Mary’s and headed into the countryside to pick some berries for which we would get paid a hefty price of a half penny for every pound picked.


Beautiful but deadly

July 9 2016

We grow plants for their beauty, and taste when we want to consume them, but all plants have a desire for survival so to deter predators many have developed a massive array of poisons in roots, bark, leaves, stems, seeds and flowers.


Early gardening jobs for winter

December 2 2017

As we leave autumn behind, and winter has not yet set in there are always a few dry sunny frost free days when we can get into the garden to catch up on all those wee jobs put off for a few days.