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We’re seasonally disordered

September 9 2016

I’ve wallowed nostalgically recently in tales of warm sunshine days of yesteryear and soggily sweet memories enshrined in a rose-coloured glow.


Games for a good laugh?

May 5 2017

Never having been noted for his devotion to political correctness, it’s interesting to hear University Challenge quiz master and erstwhile political hatchet man Jeremy Paxman reckons the lack of women in the latter stage of his intellectually rigorous show is down to the fact men simply like quizzes more.


Delving into the Amazon

August 19 2015

Online retail giant Amazon has long come under the spotlight for its supposedly Dickensian corporate culture.


Contactless beer has so little cheer

January 6 2017

I have taken the momentous decision that, in order to cope with the difficulties thrust upon us all by the events of the past 12 months, the only answer is to (continue to) order by the crate.