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Jenny Hjul

Kezia Dugdale’s dangerous game

September 23 2015

During a trip south of the border last weekend, I was bemused by the continuing interest in Scotland. A year ago, even apolitical friends and relatives were aware we were undergoing potential upheaval here, but I had expected the curiosity to end with the defeat of the separatists.

Jenny Hjul

Scotland must grow up

September 2 2015

One thing many of us hoped for around this time last year was that the referendum would put a stop to Scotland’s preoccupation with itself.

Jenny Hjul

There is nothing in cabinet reshuffle to suggest that anything has changed

November 26 2014

Scotland’s new First Minister has been much lauded over the past few days for being the only woman ever to hold her job, for appointing a gender-balanced cabinet, for whipping up the massed ranks of her supporters into a frenzy at a rock concert-style gathering in Glasgow. A newspaper launched to promote Scottish nationalism hails “a bright, brand new Scotland”, as if there had been a revolution or, at the very least, a change of government.

Jenny Hjul

English can educate us

August 26 2015

Scottish schoolchildren need many things: a better grounding in maths and science; sharper literacy skills; greater access to university places if they are from deprived areas; teachers who are free to teach and heads who are allowed to run their own schools.

Jenny Hjul

SNP resorts to a pack hunt

July 15 2015

MPs were to have been given a free vote today on whether to relax the hunting ban, introduced in England and Wales a decade ago. However, for SNP members there is no such thing as a free vote.

Jenny Hjul

Muddied university clearing for Scots

August 12 2015

The announcement of Higher and Advanced Higher results last week will hopefully have brought happy news to many Scottish school leavers, who had received conditional offers from universities here.

Jenny Hjul

Words of warning for SNP

July 1 2015

It isn’t often these days you hear someone singing the praises of Alex Salmond, even within his own party. Since the former first minister lost the independence referendum and resigned as leader of the SNP, the Nationalist story has all been about his successor.